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Return Policy

We understand that on rare occasions damages or the wrong merchandise is received by the customer and in that event your customer will either be sent out the correct item or refunded if we no longer have the item in stock for replacement.  

Notify our customer service at and be prepared to provide pictures of damaged goods and/or wrong merchandise received for immediate rectification. 

You have the decision with your boutique to make sales final or offer returns to your customers. In the event you offer returns this will be handled by your side of the business. Our warehouse does not accept returns. 

Please be advised that the practices described in this Privacy Policy apply only to information gathered through this Web site and, where applicable, through our Customer Service Department in connection with this Web site, and do not necessarily reflect our practices with respect to information gathered through other Web sites that we operate or through other off-line means.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you should contact our Customer Service Department by clicking on "Contact Us" within the toolbar area of this Web site.